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Pakistani Diamond Jewelry diamond jewelry page is for all jewelry lover men and women. Pakistani diamond jewelry is famous for its wide range of styles designs and delicate hand work. Diamond Jewelry is a very special item among Pakistani women on any occasion or celebration especially on wedding parties. It has a great role in bridal getup. Pakistani diamond Jewelry is not only wore by Pakistani women on functions but almost all women wear diamond jewellery depending on nature of their work and life-style. Our jewelry page brings to you all variety of Pakistani diamond jewelry worn in Pakistan. These include diamond, gold, silver, bronze, stones and also artificial jewelry items. The styles displayed in our diamond jewelry picture gallery are for both casual wear and formal wear. Some of these styles are blended with western styles to produce elegant combination of gold and stones for bridal jewelry and also for casual wear. Stones and gems of various colors are embedded in yellow gold or white gold to produce jewellery to match clothes of different colors. Some of these stones are garnets, topaz, blue sapphire. This has given wide choice to brides for selecting color of their bridal dress and giving rise to new trends.